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Do Not Scratch The Paint

We have decided its time to put together some cool stickers that really match the vintage and style of our F100 trucks. This sticker was an idea we had that was a result of always joking when people got too close to our patina trucks. "HEY!!!! Don't Scratch the Paint!" We have both versions of the sticker that say either "Patina" or "Paint" as some of us have much more paint than patina or maybe you find it funnier one way or the other. It can also be used in a very serious way as well. It was designed to be interpreted in multiple ways, but the goal was for it to look vintage and right at home on our old vehicle's window, bumper or wherever you wish to put it. This sticker measures out at about 4.25" wide and 1.25" tall. It has a nice matte finish.

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