Shawn's 72 F100 with ATP performance F100 parts at Thunderhill Raceway

It has been about 3 weeks now that Shawn's IG: @griswold 1972 F100 IG: @windblue_72 has been on the road and driving. He had put about 700 or so miles on it when we decided it was time to put it to the test and go for a track day to find out if the F100 performance parts, crown victoria front suspension, mustang s550 rear suspension and all the work done by him and his dad along with some work done here at Andrew's Tuning and Performance would stand up to the test and make it through the day. Obviously we were hoping it would do well, but given it was Shawn's first time driving on a road course and the first time the truck had been driven this hard, our expectations were not super high. This Ford F100 with Crown Vic front suspension, Mustang S550 IRS, F100 performance parts including ATP Viking coilovers in the front, ATP Viking coilover kit for S550 rear, ATP wilwood front brake kit for Crown Vic front suspension, ATP custom rear mount fuel tank with Aeromotive Phantom fuel system, ATP custom transmission cooler kit and ATP Crown Vic camber bolts and the brand new, still not yet released ATP S550 electric power steering rack conversion kit, so far beyond our expectations. We already knew how good thing drives as a daily driven F100 truck, but to simply crank up the ATP custom Viking coilovers and let a little air out of the tires (street tires by the way, these Sumitomo tires are far from optimal for road racing) and turn this old patina F100 pickup into a corner carving machine was pretty amazing. You can check out this short little video we put together on our YouTube Channel: Performance Productions and check out some of the fun that was had. 


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